⚡️ New Dev Team taking BSC by storm! Stealth launch at 100 members! TG: SafuCityBSC ⚡️

Hey guys! I wanted to bring your attention to a group I have come across launching new projects on BSC. The group is called SAFU City. They are a dev team made up of BSC gem enthusiasts who are now ready to launch their own projects. Each member of the team is highly experienced in the crypto world. The lead devs have worked on large projects like MiniHollywoodDoge. The rest of the team is made up of shilling savages, graphic designers, experienced community mods for several huge projects. They have assembled the team to create successful launches.

Now, they are trying to build up a solid launch group to launch their projects from. You will be the first to know when projects are launching and have the first opportunity to get in right out of the gate. The first launch will be a stealth launch once the starter group hits 100 members (likely today). If you are tired of being scammed, this is a good way to be early on launches you can trust! Nobody can guarantee huge profits, but these guys promise a hardworking, transparent dev team who will never rug, honeypot, etc. For me, in the BSC space, this alone is HUGE!

Useful Information:

⚡️ All launches will be 100% SAFU. Locked LP, Ownership renounced where it makes sense, No team tokens, etc.

⚡️ All launches will have the marketing basics plus more: CMS posts, shill raids, paid shillers, website, social media, influencers/paid promos, etc.

⚡️ Solid, experienced dev team who will work hard and be totally transparent.

⚡️ Overall, just solid dudes who will talk crypto, shoot the shit, talk life, tell some jokes from time to time, you name it! No telling what may go down in the group.

The telegram handle is safucitybsc. Come take a look. I can tell you I have been impressed so far from talking to the team, and I am definitely looking forward to apeing their first project!

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