⚡️Casino Floki Coming soon | a true gambler token where you can still invest your money semi-safely

Life is a gamble we all know it, either become a winner or a loser. This is where Casino Floki comes in, The ADVANCED CASINO token that rewards each of your buy with more tokens! the more you buy and the longer you hold you will be rewarded more tokens with random amount!

Every time you buy 0.1% of the total supply you have a chance to win a huge jackpot, since the coin will launch soon you will get a chance at this.

Casino Floki is a revolutionary wealth distribution token with new and interesting tokenomics with good devs and a strong and supportive community ready to take this token to the moon.


I myself am an ape and thus I decided I will be investing into this project, I personally like projects that are very new since there is a lot of upside potential.

Of course as always with new coins, do your own research and due diligence I like this project but that doesn’t mean you also will.


Extra info:

Total supply will be : [](

Burn : 50%

LP Locked : 100%

Yes, a lucky number

Casino Floki. We will sell before reaching 50 members. Be the first to buy Casino Floki

Telegram: [](

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⚡️Casino Floki Coming soon | a true gambler token where you can still invest your money semi-safely.

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