✅FOMO is growing fast 📈- No Loss – Scam prevention project – 💰190k MCAP👥 already skyrocketing 👥 150 new holders in no time👥 AMA Announced‼️

Dear cms community, I’d like to present to you a fantastic oportunity to buy yourself a make it stack. You surely can’t even remember how much times you’ve been scammed in this crypto world. YOU probably couldn’t even remeber how much rockets and moonshoots you’ve missed already. Well there is no need to remember those missed opportunities since this project is going to be your lifeboat!

With potentially good usecase and huge growth in previous period FOMO is hard in this one. Why do I and many others who are apeing in think this is going to be the next moonshot?? Read below:

Two months old project with really based devs who were active throughout their ups and downs! Their hardwork is finally being appreciated as the last ATH was broken and new pricefloor was set. More holders than ever, growing number of people in the community. x20 surge? Pretty impressive tbh
They announced an AMA in next days, also the new announcements will be out in a few days.

👥No Loss is a project developed by a group of people which grew sick and tired of scams in crypto sphere. The team is determined to see the scams wanish so they plan to implement some ideas into crypto communities!

✅Developers are leading the growth with their dedicated and friendly approach, fully transparent and well informed! ✅

👥The number of holders increases exponentially, the price went from 0.01 to 0.35 in no time. The new price floor is set, good time to enter. Pretty interesting and to see how the things are being unravelled, be sure to CHECK IT OUT. 💰Don’t fumble your bag just because you were too lazy to check this hidden 💎 out💰

The listing platform is nearing the end of development process and will be live quite soon, just as planned. The point of the platform is to separate the safe investment projects from the unsafe ones (rugpulls, honeypots etc). You can read more in our whitepaper.

‼️Fully Verified on BSC SCAN‼️

‼️Reapplied for listings on CoinGecko and CMC

‼️Rapidly growing number of holders

‼️Mcap doubled just in a day

‼️Platform UI already finished and you can check it out in the telegram group

‼️AMA held on 25th of August

NLT – No Loss Token is the official token of our project which is deployed on BSC network


💰1.000.000 total supply

🔒900.000 Locked forever in LP

🔒100.000 locked until November 2022

5% tax when buying or sending NLT (2.5% burnt, 2.5% redistributed) 10% tax when selling (2.5% burnt, 7.5% redistributed to patient holders)



Contract: 0xb6d3ed3caef8ab834cfdd5fdf4abe15e3e46d959

Don’t fud, check it out, thank me later. Cheers! ✅💰

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