πŸŒ€ TOMORROW 21:00 UTC ~ New Coin LaunchπŸŒ€ ~ Multi-Utility Coin ~ Mystery House πŸŒ€

**What is Mystery House Token?** 🏚

Mystery House is a multi-utility coin that will keep on giving! Our first utility will be a SAFU Launchpad that will be going online in August 2021. Using our proprietary technology, the launchpad will offer advantages to token holders by allowing them early access to new coin launches.

As the project expands, we will develop a coin interchange for mystery coins, as well as a merchandise shop, a tracking and charting tools website and casino games!

For more info check out the website & Social media links. Come to our telegram and have a chat with the community or our Devs who are always around!

**Check them out on telegram** – ☁️ [](

**Check out their website** – 🌐 [](

**WIN 5BNB + 5 Runner-up Prizes of 1 BNB – Only with Mystery Coin!**


Details of how to win are on our telegram in the pinned messages – Go Check it out!


TOKENOMICS (1,000,000,000,000,000 – Initial Supply)

20% Initial Casino Liquidity

10% Interchange Liquidity

10% Marketing Funds πŸ’»

**Transaction Tax**

7% Development

3% House Maintenance Fund** 🏚

** House maintenance fund is used to maintain the house and all that live in it

**Contract Address:** 0x71FB8EE0A7dd60379145bcb22BBC4064D9585c05


**What are Mystery Coins?** πŸ’°

Mystery Coins are part of an entire ecosystem of coins that will interlink with shared tokenomics. The concept is that each coin released in the ecosystem benefits the already existing coins. Visit the website and checkout the roadmap, several more mystery coins still to come! The first coins have already been released – Mystery Brother did over 300x on launch, Mystery Sister did 150x on launch. Mystery Father that just released, spiked all the way up to 400x within minutes of launch! Make sure you join the telegram for constant updates, or to chat with the helpful community. Don’t miss the launch of Mystery House!

**Check them out on telegra**m -☁️ [](

**Check out their website** -🌐 [](

**Is this Safu?**

The main purpose of the mystery coin platform is to give everyone a safe playground where they can make money. The devs are known to the BSC community from their previous charity coin project – No War Coin

Β· Doxed Devs

Β· Locked Liquidity πŸ’§

Β· No Team Tokens πŸ‘₯

· No false promises of projects that will never happen!❌

· Anti-Bot, Anti-Whale, Anti-Rug ❌

Β· Big Marketing Budget πŸ’°πŸ’»

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  1. The burn on mystery sister is crazy,
    It’s already burned the same amount as safemoon but took a fraction of the time to do it.

    Sister gonna moon tomorrow with the launch of mystery house πŸš€πŸš€

  2. They are clever but the game is getting old now. They have got their whole community fooled. He’s sniping his own fair launches for crazy profits. No one’s gonna get fooled by team having 0 wallet and you launching coin after coin. Every previous one goes to shit. Not just saying, go check the charts.
    Anti bot for sure, only if it isn’t their own

  3. TNT | Tegra Network Presale coming soon to DxSale | Challenging the modern day tokenomic structure πŸš€

    The Tegra Token was created to measure the capability of a deflationary token that challenges modern day tokenomic structures. The majority of deflationary tokens have an astronomical total supply and have under-utilized the purpose of a transaction fee. Tegra has a total token supply of 1,010,000,000, however, after the initial 50% burn there will only be 505,000,000 tokens in circulation. We believe creating a token with a lower total supply and a slightly higher transaction fee will increase value while decreasing time invested. The Tegra token has a transactional burn which will stop automatically once the total supply reaches 5,050,000 (0.5%).

    Presale Information

    Total Supply: 1,010,000,000
    Tokens for Presale: 150,000,000
    Tokens for Liquidity: 57,750,000
    Soft/Hard Cap: 150/300 BNB
    Min/Max Contribution: 0.1/3 BNB
    Presale Rate: 500,000/BNB
    PCS Rate: 350,000/BNB

    πŸ”’ Liquidity Locked Through DxSale πŸ”’

    πŸ”₯ 50% Token Supply Will Be Burned Prior To Presale πŸ”₯

    βœ… Coingecko applied
    βœ… Coinmarketcap applied
    βœ… Coinsniper
    βœ… Gemfinder

    πŸ”— LINKS πŸ”—

    🌐 Website:
    πŸ“± Telegram:

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