🌌 ParadoxNFT – New NFT marketplace launching soon. Buy, Sell and mint NFT s 🖼

💠Paradox NFT is an NFT marketplace, where users will have the options to submit items for sale, purchase items, and bid on auctions. Space users also will be able to access all forms of NFT over time as we continue to integrate systems.
Customers will have a variety of payment options. Projects wishing to be involved will have the opportunity for their very own marketplace landing page. We will also be providing live art installations with our partners and team members ENIGMA GALLERIES. We are working with a number of artists and projects. For installations or creator inquiries please message in TG chat.
Paradox NFT will also offer a naitive token for both the BSC and ERC20 networks.
🟢Paradox NFT Is Powered By Premium, Carbon-Free Cloud Servers – That makes Paradox NFT the first 100% sustainable marketplace to exist in the galaxy.

🔴Security – We are using a cluster of Premium Tier cloud servers in addition to the fastest and most secure Content Delivery Network (CDN).

♠️ Pre launch audit will be conducted by Spade audits.

Total number of coins for each network
1 Trilion
50% of coins will be dropped in the black hole 🕳 🔥 Leaving a remaining 500 Billion

Dev/Charity/Advertising – 1%
0.5% will be locked in liquidity
0.5% will be burned

✔Website:  (Available soon)

Paradox NFT Coin







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