🌘 TetherMoon (TRM) fair launch πŸš€ | public and KYCed team πŸ›‘ | no team tokens πŸ’° | USDT reflection πŸ’Έ | block-chain with new revolutionary tech πŸ’Ž | CoinGecko express listing soon πŸš€ | Next big thing πŸ”₯

TetherMoon is a frictionless token that rewards in USDT. The project offers dynamic rewards that get paid out based on multiple factors, but rewards also can be claimed manually so there is no need to wait. The great thing about TetherMoon is that it is not your average reward token. In the forest of reward tokens and tokens in general it is hard to pick out the real gems that really offer potential and have an amazing vision, plan, team and support behind it! Okay, so what makes TetherMoon different then all the other reward tokens that exist? There are so many reasons that can be mentioned because everything about this project is basically amazing. An amazing development team that has KYCed, already partnered with Passive Income (PSI) which has an excellent track record and is KYCed itself also and is a registered company, an amazing community behind it that is constructive and very supportive! Well guys, these are some of the reasons. The really special reasons are listed below. Do not miss out on this next 100x moon shot, because this project can put a big stamp on the crypto space!


πŸš€ Frictionless yield earning token!

πŸ”₯ Precursor of a fully decentralized block-chain project!

😱 New consensus mechanisms (PoE, proof of earn) and (DpoE, delegated proof of earn) are being developed, are based on frictionless yield, stimulate an inclusive approach and safeguards it will stay inclusive!

πŸ’₯ New architectural network structure of validators (frictionless elastic validation), which safeguards an inclusive approach on sharing in rewards on the block-chain!

πŸ’« Service based (BaaS, block-chain as a service), new ways of delivering infrastructure, network and development tools.



πŸ’° Total supply: 1 quadrillion


πŸ”ƒTransaction Fee Breakdown ‡️


🟒 Buying tax: 15% (10% USDT to all holders, 5% auto liquidity add)

πŸ”΄Selling tax: 25% (reflected for 10% as USDT to all holders, 10% auto liquidity add, 5% marketing wallet).


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🌐 Website [](

🐦 Twitter [](

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