🌲 WOOD Token 🌲 Stealth Launched 🌲 5k Market Cap 🌲 Charity Coin 🌲 Created less than 24 hours ago 🌲 Saving the world one tree at a time 🌲 Ticker: WOOD 🌲 Uniswap V2 ETH/WOOD 🌲

There are roughly **3.04 trillion trees** 🌲 in the world. **Roughly 15 billion trees** 🌲 are cut down each year. **Wood Token** plans on ♻️ reducing that number ♻️ by our new DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). **Wood Token** will act as a governance token and holders of wood will be able to either vote to burn πŸ”₯ WOOD or give it to Charities that stop deforestation.

**15 billion wood will be burned** **πŸ”₯ or donated out of the reserves monthly 0.4934%**. This will represent the number of trees 🌲 cut down every year. **Wood Token** aspires to adopt a long-term burn πŸ”₯ strategy that is both beneficial and rewarding for everybody involved. Additionally, the total quantity of **Wood Token** burned is displayed on the website, allowing for greater transparency in determining the current circulating supply at any one time.

**Wood Token** is **ERC-20 Token** trading on **Uniswap V2** with an **EHT/WOOD** Pair

**πŸš€ Total supply 3.04 trillion WOOD to represent the number of trees** 🌲 **in the 🌎 world.**

**πŸš€ 35% Reserves for charity (1.064 trillion) πŸš€**

**πŸš€ 30% Public launch (912 billion) πŸš€**

**πŸš€ 20% Founding team (608 billion) πŸš€**

**πŸš€ 10% Exchange reserves (304 billion)**

**πŸš€ 5% Marketing (152 billion) πŸš€**

**πŸš€ Initial burn** **πŸ”₯** **15 billion πŸš€**

**Transactions will be limited to 0.5% of 3.04 trillion (15.2 billion).** This is in place to stop whales from accumulating to quickly and to prevent large token holders from dumping their shares and crashing the price.

There will be a **0.304% transaction fee** on all transfers. This fee will be sent to the charity/burn πŸ”₯ wallet as a deflationary mechanism.

**WOOD’s ultimate goal** is to save the trees🌲, save humanity πŸ‘Ό and to save the planet 🌎. In order to do this wood is going to create an ecosystem where carbon credits can be minted as NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) and traded on the open market.

**Carbon credits** (or carbon offsets) are measurable, ♻️ verifiable emission reductions ♻️ from certified climate action projects. Projects that create carbon credits ♻️ reduce ♻️, eliminate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or take action to prevent it from happening.

**These carbon credits** can be bought by **Amazon, Apple or General Motors** to offset their carbon emissions. The above companies pledged to go carbon neutral by 2040. In order to do that they need to buy carbon credits to offset their emissions.

**Wood Token** aims to position itself as a 🌎 **blockchain solution** **🌎** for the **carbon credit marketplace** that is set to explode in the upcoming years. πŸ€‘

πŸ’šJoin the **Wood Token** community today and buy **Wood for Good.** πŸ’š

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πŸ€‘ **How to Buy** πŸ€‘

**You can buy by using the link**: [](

**Contract Address**: 0x2d68c277341409dC8514273713a06de0563CEeD8

**Transaction Limit**: you can only πŸ€‘ buy πŸ€‘ 15 billion at a time (15000000000)

**Uniswap Version**: make sure to switch over to V2 instead of V3

**Increase Slippage**: click the settings icon and increase the slippage to over 5 percent

**TLDR**: click the **website**, click the **buy button**, **connect metamask**, **increase slippage** over **5%**, **don’t buy over 15 billion**

πŸ’šJoin the **Wood Token** community today and buy **Wood for Good**. πŸ’š

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