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**ShillitBaby is a Brand new Professional Token Vetting platform. Made by people, for people…**

Investing on in Crypto can be very overwhelming, people call it the wild west for a reason. With scammers around every corner it makes it hard to pick a good investment. ShillitBaby is here to make that process more streamlined. Their vetting platform will allow Investors to find tokens that have been checked over before they get advertised. This will make the process of finding Safe Projects to invest in much easier.

**Must Read Specifics -**

* **Doxxed, Kind and Caring Team of Token vetters**
* **AMA Zoom Call with Influencer (See Links Below)**
* **Private Sale Now open! (120BNB Hard Cap)**
* **Token Vetting Platform in development (Opening Q4)**

**Links -**

Website: [](

AMA: [](





ShillitBaby marks a step in the right direction for Crypto investment. The vetting system will layered, this means that you can see how much information has been provided by the team devloping said project. This allows you to look for projects that look after investors, for example a Doxxed teams very rarely scam investors, this is due to the lack of anonymity. So projects would be rated on how safe the projects are, higher the rating the safer the investment.

Everyone is always looking for the next gem, ShillitBaby is a tool that helps you pick your projects wisely.


**Team are amazingly open and caring for investors, make sure to ask any questions you have, they are all there to help : )**

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