πŸŽ“ Free Alpha: How I studied the Eth network data to find the latest defi protocols, avoid rugs and make $$$ πŸŽ“

Hey guys I created a tool to help you find the latest defi protocols launching on the Eth blockchain.


TLDR: I created a tool that scans Eth for all new tokens listed but also checks whether liquidity is locked and how much liquidity is locked, massively reducing the amount of times I’ve been rugged and exposing me to under the radar gems making me $$$$$$$$.


**WebApp link here:**

**Telegram here:**


**The problem**

I’ve been trading shitcoins since 2017 but Uniswap and Pancake swap changed the game in 2020, there were so many new tradeable coins being released everyday it became impossible to keep up (and avoid the rugs) that I started looking for tools that would help me see new coins being released everyday.


This was great for a while and I caught some wins but the rugs outweighed the wins if I’m being honest. The problem with the websites that currently exist that show you all of the brand new coins released on Eth is that there wasn’t enough data to indicate whether a coin was a rug or not.

**The solution**

I came to the conclusion that the more liquidity a token developer locked using Unicrypt the less likely they were to rug. So I decided to put my theory to the test and created a webapp that scanned the Eth blockchain for new tokens, checks Unicrypt to let me know that liquidity is locked and how much $$$ is locked as well (In eth not their shitcoins) as having the charts all in one place. I also added a filter button that only shows coins with liquidity locked on Unicrypt so I can quickly see the coins that are less likely to rug.

Heres a view of what the links look like:


When I see a coin that hits all of the metrics (in green), I do my own due diligence to decide whether to buy in (making sure to check for honey traps). Everyday I see coins that completely fly under the radar that moon hard if you bought in early enough. My most recent win was GSHIBA, it hit all the criteria and had 127k liquidity locked on Unicrypt so was a no brainer, I made over 10x on that one.

Here’s a view of what the filters look like:


**Closing thoughts**

So you’re probably thinking if you are making so much money from this why release it to the public, who leaks alpha? Well I have a high paying developer role which is pretty hands on and I’m the only one in my friendship group who trades cryptocurrency so I don’t have as much time as I like to browse my own creation. What I really want to do is build a community of people who use this and other methods to find gems so the gems come to me, so it’s not a completely selfless act.


**Website link:**




*How much of an indicator is liquidity locking that the team isn’t going to rug?*

In my eyes it is quite significantly correlated especially as my tool is built in a way that it does not assess the value of the shitcoin token locked but only the eth/bsc that was locked. Put it this way, one project has committed 10 eth in liquidity and one has committed 1 eth, which one do you think is more likely to rug?

What do you think?

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