🎩 MisterDoge 🎩 The best contracts and features ever seen in the BSC scene

Mister DOGE is a project with one of the best contracts and features ever seen in the BSC scene (improved EverRise fork). Our contract code automatizes the buyback feeding and manually releases the Buybacks, allowing us to schedule these Buybacks.

This way EVERYBODY will be able to know the Buyback time and not just the dev team, something we think is way fairlier. Our code also has the best antibot measures only seen in real serious projects (more details below). We can bring these features because the code is 100% our own.

Mister DOGE has the ability to do a buyback whenever he wants, he has more potential than his little son MiniDOGE and with the right community and the best possible code to implement in the whole BSC scene this project will undoubtedly go to the moon.

So don’t even think about missing the opportunity and join the DOGE family now!

Also, all our marketing plans gonna be paid 100% before we release our beast so everyone can see the power of the code


πŸ‘‰πŸ» More info in the Homepage and Whitepaper



πŸ“ Tokenomics

🀝 5% Dev Wallet

πŸ“„ 5% marketing and promotion wallet

πŸ’» 45% pre-sale

πŸ“ˆ 31% liquidity


Web: [](

Tg: [](

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