🎲Monopoly Coin – FairLaunch! August 14, 2021 at 16 UTC Dev is doxxed. Our mining app will be available soon. The competition for money, apple technology and a sports car has already begun! Official copyright license called “monopoly” with hasbro already granted 🎲

🎩Monopoly Coin🎩

The MMC (Monopoly Mining City) company, as the issue of banning cryptocurrency mining is increasingly being raised, has located a huge mining and data storage service center. You have access to a platform that combines a computer game and a platform for making transactions and concluding a lease or purchase of equipment for mining or data storage created by an MMC (monopoly mining city) application, as it looks

1. Install the MMC (Monopoly Mining City) mobile application in Google Play or AppStore. (The application will be available on all sites after the launch of $MONOCOIN)
2. Complete the registration, sign a cooperation agreement (an electronic signature in the form of a secret code is required) following the link (will be available after the launch of $MONOCOIN)
3. Link your e-wallet.
4. Go to the menu, select a virtual country, select what you want to do “extract and store data”.
5. Select a quarter, street and sector, install the necessary equipment there, get a certificate, sign with your electronic signature, all work has been completed, you will be provided with real equipment for launch in a designated area, and this whole “game” is designed to simplify and complete transactions, and you can also buy and sell your sectors p2p.
The number of sites is limited, and no more than 5 sets of equipment can be placed on one site.

💰That is, the more users, the fewer plots become due to this, the price of plots increases, this gives rise to trade and price increases between the owners of the plots.

💵Previously, we worked only with companies, but thanks to the creation of the application, we can provide services to individuals.

Name: Monopoly Coin
Network: BSC

🤑Total supply: 500.000 MONOCOIN

🎲Add to liquidity: 400.000 MONOCOIN (80%)
🎲Team wallet: 50.000 MONOCOIN(10%)
🎲Marketing pool: 30.000 MONOCOIN(6%)
🎲Bounty and rewards for community: 20.000 MONOCOIN(4%)

🔐 Team wallet lock for 15 months.
🔒Liquidity locked – 💯 year.




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