🎴 RisingSun – Unique Samurai Engine BuyBack System | BUSD Reflection | Experienced & Doxxed Devs | Partnered Influencers | Launches Today, July 10th 16 PM UTC | Join the #RISINGSUNARMY 🎴

**🌅🎴RisingSun Token🎴🌅**

The dip is feared by all men. But most feared among all is the dip that never ends!

RisingSun’s unique tokenomics provide the ultimate weapon against this mortal foe.

With each big dip the Samurai rise and strike it into oblivion.

All citizens of RisingSun pay tax to support the Samurai army in preparation for hard times.

The strength of our nation will conquer all.

We are RisingSun!

📉📈 **Revolutionary Buyback System**

The Samurai Engine is the first-ever intelligent buyback system. The engine utilizes price feeds and quantitative trading algorithms to trigger buybacks at dips in price. The engine will help maintain healthy price action, rewarding long-term holders.

🧮 **Tokenomics:**

An 8% BUY tax assures the strength of the Rising Sun nation:

☀️ 2% is reflected to holders

☀️ 1.5% is provided as liquidity

☀️ 1.5% funds development and marketing

☀️ 3% of all buys is devoted to the Samurai Engine auto buyback mechanism

A 16% SELL tax that decreases by 1% for every 2000 holders (with minimum ~$10 RSUN, and 8% minimum sell tax) rewards investors with a long-term vision:

☀️ 4% reflected to holders

☀️ 3% provided as liquidity

☀️ 3% funds development and marketing

☀️ 6% contributes towards the Samurai Engine auto buyback mechanism

💰 **Holder Rewards** 💰

2% Reflection means ever-growing wallet size.

For every 2000 holders with minimum ~$10 tokens, the sell tax is reduced by 1% until the sell tax reaches 8%. The longer you hold, the better sell tax you get.

Holder snapshots. Diamond-handed holders will get unique and absolutely stunning NFT’s

Launching on PCS Today 16:00 UTC!

Website: [](

Telegram: [](

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