🏈 [GLB] | Next-Gen Betting Utility Token – Newly launched and low mcap | LQ Lock + Dev Lock – Join the future of betting through crypto 🥇

###GLB – Golden Ball will be the best Token for online betting and eSports in the Future♠️

– Golden Ball is the next generation BSC token aiming to improve and bring the online betting & gambling transaction system to a decentralized level. Through the GLB token, users will be able to complete faster transactions on betting platforms with lower fees!

– Several blockchains have surfaced to cater to Dapps and DeFi. However, several factors make Binance Smart Chain ecosystem the natural choice to build Golden Ball upon.

– Moreover, Golden Ball will provide users with the possibility to enter online worlds with thriving virtual economies. Golden Ball will roll out online games that enable users to collect virtual items and trade these items on a liquid marketplace.

###Improtant links:

📈 GLB Website:

📈 GLB Telegram:

📈 GLB Twitter:

###✅Golden Ball Token contract on PancakeSwap:
###✅GLB Ownership Renounce and Token Lock:

###✅GLB Liquidity Lock:

#####Golden Ball near future milestones:

– Golden Ball runs off of the Binance Smart Chain platform, a proven and powerful trading platform for all things crypto.

– Golden Ball has structured the Dapp in a manner that avoids the adoption pitfalls of previous generations and helps foster favourable conditions to the technology becoming the leading gambling and gaming Dapp. The biggest gaming and gambling coins currently have market valuations of
$2.8 billion and $475 million.

– By securing a leadership position, alongside the bullish growth of the broader digital asset ecosystem, Golden Ball anticipates that it will grow to have a market valuation greater than the combined ~$3.3 billion valuation of the current biggest gaming and gambling platforms.


####Developer Wallet Ownership Renounced DONE 💥

####Liquidity Locked – DONE 💥

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