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✅ SafeGeorge aims to bring value to the average George investing on the Binance Smart Chain. The past weeks have been hard for the community and we would like to finally offer an honest alternative.

✔️SafeGeorge is a highly deflationary token bringing modern marketing instruments to the Binance smart chain. Focusing on transparency and marketing planning we enable investors to carefully weigh their buy and sell decisions.

✔️Our marketing is done in Cycles (we call that Hypetime). We will put all our marketing funds into the project at launch. After that we will wait a few days for the marketing wallet to fill up. (The current time estimate for the first marketing push/Hypetime will be between 17. – 19.07). At the time of hypetime we will use all marketing fees to push the project.

✔️If marketing money remains, it will be used to push the coin. (similar to EverRise functionality only manual). The coins will either be burned or burned as liquidity to eliminate the possibility of low liquidity.

✔️Also, we would like to note that through our HYPETIME (marketing cycles) investors get insight into the marketing planning. The IDEA is to publish the planned marketing actions in advance. I.e. the investors can decide with the help of a concrete schedule, when and how they want to buy or sell the coins.

✔️SafeGeorge is THE marketing token and we want to position ourselves as such. our custom contract includes a functionality that sells the marketing tokens automatically for BNB.

✔️This has some advantages from our point of view. When buying the token, the price increase is reduced by only 6%, which is very low compared to the current EverRise forks.

✔️By selling it automatically, we can realize the marketing fees without endangering the project.


📊 Tokenomics 📊

-Total Supply [](

-Presale 47.25%

-Liquidity 47.25%

-Private sale 5.5%



-6% Marketing Wallet

-3% Auto Liquidity


📢Marketing Timetable📢


🔥Trending posts on various reddit channels

🔥Heavy twitter raids

🔥Notable YouTubers in crypto

🔥Viral TikTok Influencers with clouds of millions

🔥Major Twitter Accounts in crypto


📲 Social Media

📩 Telegram: [](

💻 Twitter: [](

🌐 Website: [](

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