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It’s time. The age of the meme tokens needs to pass on so that real tokens with real utility can take the stage. If you’re looking for gimmicks here there are none. When you invest with Eversify, a percentage of your transaction tax is redirected into a Fund Wallet, invested and overseen by a Fund Manager with your eligible share of the profits redistributed as Ethereum bi-weekly. It’s true, you get an Ethereum dividend bi-weekly just for holding $EVE because part of every buy and sell of our token goes into that fund wallet. Plus when the world realizes that they were late to the launch and $EVE blows up, your profits will soar in $EVE and ETH! A serious investment for people wanting a real chance to change the cryptocurrency world.




Company Token – $EVE –

Initial Supply – 10,000,000,000 –

Initial Burn – 0 –

Initial Price – 0.0001035294118 –

Transaction Tax – 3% –

To lock in one of the super limited spots for the **presale** make sure you fill out the form below!


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