🏴‍☠️Aye Me Hearties! ALL ABOARD! Captain Cardano Is Paying Holders ADA rewards! 🏴‍☠️

🏴‍☠️Captain Cardano🏴‍☠️

⚓️Avast Ye scurvy dogs! Captain Cardano is sailing to a port near you! It’s all hands on deck before sailing off across the high seas where the ADA treasure lies.

⚓️Aye that’s right! Non believers shall be marooned and fudders made to walk the plank! Captain Cardano will stand for no foolery on our journey to the ADA booty.

⚓️The Captains onboarding just 50 crew members to join a whitelist which guarantees entry into the pre sale! To be in with a chance winning this whitelist you must rack up your points on the Captains to do list here! –

⚓️All aboard the Captains ship before we set sail upon the high seas making way for ADA bounty! Each pirate (holder of CaptainCardano tokens) will be rewarded ADA automatically for there loyal service to the Captain!

⚓️There be no safer ship than Captain Cardano’s vessel liquidity will be locked and crew members around to answer questions or settle any quarries!

⚓️Captains Tokenomics –

Total Fees: 18%
Rewards: 12% – ADA rewards paid to holders
Liquidity: 3% – keeping the tides at bay!
Marketing: 3% – Keeps the ship moving!
Total Fees: 18%

⚓️Join the Captains Telegram chat group below to stay up to date with all announcements including the pre sale time and date!

Website – Going live soon before we set sail! join the telegram and follow the socials for updates!

Website –

Chart – Coming soon

Contract – Coming soon

Twitter –

Telegram –

Avast Me Hearties! O

Captain Cardano is recruiting 50 crew mates to sail the Severn seas and collect the ADA booty!
Follow the link to our sweepwidget page to enter the whitelist competition!
Only the Heartiest of Pirates with the highest score will be chosen by the Captain!

Winners will be guaranteed entry into the Captains pre sale!

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