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**What is the UDragon Project?**


**1. Project description:**

The U-Dragon game is a fun role-playing game with a turn-based strategy element. The player who initially plays the main role (male or female) will smoke with the dragons to destroy the dragon land. Pass the stages to collect all 7 colored stones, when collecting all 7 stones, the player will be get a full-strength super dragon. Similar Games: Pokemon.

**2. Monetization of formulas:**

Players will have to equip worms at the start of the game, this will be a pet as an adult and evolve in 3 levels and finally the level is the Big Dragon. Newly mined worms cannot be sold on the exchange market, but progressing to higher levels will. The strength and stats of each turn are random. All transactions as well as purchases of equipment and items will use the game’s token, the Transaction Crystal.

To dig worms, you need to spend a certain amount of Crystal. For this, the player must use a reasonable balance of using Crystal in digging for worms or using it to buy other products. Dragons and gems will be NFT

The battle mechanism in the game will be decided by 2 people, 2 players will decide the competition equipment can be dragons, gems, crystals.


**🐉Udragon Game🐉**

**Token Name** : Crystal

**Symbol** : $CRT

**Decimals** : 9

⭐️ **Contract address**:




🕒Start Time: 13:00 – Aug 12th (GMT)

🕘End Time: 13:00 – Aug 13th (GMT)


**⭐️Presale Rate**

💰1BNB = 990.000 $CRT

**⭐️Listing Rate**

💰1BNB = 900.000 $CRT



💰Softcap : 250BNB

💰Hardcap: 500BNB


🟢Maximum= 3 BNB


📝Presale Link: [](


📌TG Official : [](

🐦Twitter : [](

🌎Website : [](

📍Reddit : [](

📺Youtube : [](

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