🐕 E gonna’ it. I may have to take break from the board with all the gloom and doom posts!

Look folks, I feel the pain as so many of you feel. Yet, the constant gloom, doom, gloom, doom…repeat cycle is like encouraging good people to jump off the ship.

If you feel the need to jump, by all means do so. But, don’t blame anyone when DOGE jumps back up except yourself.

Likewise, if you HODL to the end, don’t blame anyone.

All I know is this…until I sell I won’t lose or profit ….

No one can tell you what the heck DOGE is gonna’ do…

But, a little more happiness is contagious….

Guess I am the odd man out, but these latest end of world post are just damn dispressing…feels like I am at a funeral.

Going to my happy place now…

Have a super day all…

What do you think?

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