🐕 Introducing LotteryDoge – the hottest new ticket in DeFi! 🎟 Now accepting whitelist applications! | Giving away a PS5! | BNB giveaways too!| Poocoin ads start in the next few days! | 🔥

So what exactly is LotteryDoge? 🤔

LotteryDoge is a new and unique project that uses a random algorithm to automatically reward anyone who holds over 20Million tokens fantastic reflections (2.5% on buys and 4% on sells) 💰 In this way it prevents whales from taking the bulk of redistributions and gives even smaller holders a fair chance to earn great rewards! 💸

In addition we have an anti-fail protocol in place – if a transaction fails twice in an row then the value will automatically be burned. 🔥 In this way we ensure a healthy growth of the project, keep gas fees low and prevent the contract becoming stuck in a loop. 🔂

Not only this but we have an anti-whale mechanism so brilliant that we will be keeping it a secret until the day of launch to prevent anyone else stealing the idea! 🤫 But this doesn’t mean we don’t want them – whales are a healthy part of new tokens – but this unique system will prevent unhealthy dumps when they try and sell 🐳

Social Links ✨

🎉 Pancake Swap (Use V2):[](

🎉 Verified Contract: 0xc6e75e74bbf948a682f725a127a93c99d4c51993

So what is LotteryDoge’s usecase? 📇

LotteryDoge aims to create a fair gambling platform using cryptocurrency. 🪙 This will function like many other gambling sites, with the exception being that the laws on gambling winnings require you to pay 30% + in taxes on your winnings. 🙁 By using the loopholes surrounding cryptocurrency any gambling will be considered an ‘investment’ and will be subject to lower fees on earnings! 🧮

But what about marketing? 📈

LotteryDoge has a clear and focused marketing strategy. Phase 1 includes focusing American 🇺🇸 and European 🇪🇺market. Phase 2 will seek to incorporate the Chinese market. 🇨🇳 The project leads have already gotten in contact with several crypto marketing experts with tremendous experience in BTOK / WEIBO marketing to help with this purpose. In addition we have many other exciting and unique marketing plans included on our extensive roadmap, which will send LotteryDoge to the moon and beyond! 🚀

Here is just a taste of them:🔎

🐕Sponsor poker tournaments / players to gain exposure

🐩Host our own tournaments

🐕‍🦺Do collaborations and shared sponsorships with existing online casinos


🐕Coinvoting websites

🐩Celebrity Endorsements

🐕‍🦺Tik tok raids

🦮Twitter raids

🐕Reddit marketing

🐩Telegram marketing

🐕‍🦺Niche communities

🦮 Invite contests

🐩Satoshi Streetbets AMA’s

LotteryDoge has just organised poocoin ads to start today, and is in discussion with Satoshi Street bets for promo on launch day!

Awesome, so when is launch? 🚀

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