🐕 Shiba Finance 🐕 Just Launched – Original Smart Contract with Automatic Locking Periods🚀Ownership Renounced + Liquidity Locked


**Shiba Finance is implementing features not seen before in other contracts, this isn’t a cloned contract. The features like token lockup and max sell percentages on large wallets means this isn’t a token that will disappear anytime soon. Looking at the buys and sells you can see early sellers have already tested the 55% early sell feature of the contract and it’s successfully functioning; in less than 7 days we will see normal transfers rolling in so now is the time to buy in early. I am personally not one to buy into clones anymore so it’s nice to see a token that incorporates new functions in its contract.**

[✍️]( **Some Features I noted:**

**11% tax on transactions for normal buys and sells**

**55% tax on early transactions who don’t wait the full** **Shiba Finance**

**100% of the liquidity posted was locked with team finance for over 2 years**

**ANY buys or sells resets the** **Shiba Finance timer on each wallet.**

[📈](**Anti Dump, not a pump token:**

**Large holders with more than 1% of the supply (capped at 5%) can only sell 0.5% per week on normal fees. This means if they unload their full supply early they lose out on more than HALF of their tokens, developers are also capped by this so they can’t sell early. Regular wallets are capped to 50% of their holdings for sells, so this token won’t see an immediate dump any time soon.**

[📝](**Note for early sellers: I noticed when testing the sells on the contract the slippage has to be set pretty high, but it still went through – I had mine set to 80% just to make sure.**

**✅ Basically DYOR, always make sure to do your checks on liquidity and ownership; as far as** **Shiba Finance goes it appears to be good. Anyone in the comments can double check me on that.**

**Contract Address:** **0xebdcd535851d7b769a106fe3956388d669258a64**

**BUY HERE:** [****](

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