🐝 BeeSafer 🐝 Striving to help bees all over the world. Coinhunt just got listed. 6000$ market cap! Come join us on Telegram 🐝

🐝 Welcome to **BeeSafer** **🐝**

**Its 2021 and bees are slowly going extinct. If the bees die, so will we.**
**This is a project made, to help with the conservation of bees all around the world.**

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**Bees are very important because they pollinate food crops. Pollination is where insects move pollen from one plant to another, fertilising the plants so that they can produce fruit, vegetables, seeds and so on. If all the bees went extinct, it would destroy the delicate balance of the Earth’s ecosystem and affect global food supplies.**

**We’re losing billions of bees each year to many complicated causes, including viruses, climate change, decreasing crop diversity and habitat loss. Amid this population plummet, however, one threat remains under our control: pesticides.**

**While pesticides are designed to kill pests and insects that harm crops, they also have unintended consequences. Pesticides can wipe out entire species, even ones not targeted. This includes bees, insects essential to many crop yields.**

🐝 For all the bees that love gold silky honey 🐝

* 1000x Potential
* 100% LP Burned
* Ownership Renounced
* Long Term Vision With A Super Low Market Cap
* Community events
* Helping conservation of bees around the world

🐝 Tokenomics 🐝

🍯 Token supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 with 60% burned at launch.

🍯 3% tax redistributed to holders

🍯 12% added to LP each transaction for a better and more stable price.

We’ve taken these steps to encourage users to HOLD no matter what.


Website: [](

Telegram: [](

Twitter: [](

Please feel free to ask, if you have any questions or issues.

What do you think?

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