🐶 DOGE’s MiSTRESS 👸 || $5,000 for anyone who gets an Elon response!! || Only 2 days old || Proven no rug! || Very Active Telegram || 90% of fees paid back in Doge Coin || Karen Approved! || Audited || First Official burn Aug 13th!!! || Dogesmistress ||

$5,000 for Elon response.

We have our first official burn coming in 2 days time! We’re excited to start rolling these out for everyone and will be continuing to do so moving forward ✊🏼 Get ready!!! 🔥

We hope you’ve enjoyed the huge successful launch of Doges Mistress 🚀🔥 this coin is just getting started and will continue to climb into the stratosphere over the coming days.

We’ve got a little surprise for you. You’ve probably noticed that you’re all receiving a massive portion of rewards in Doge Coin, some would say even more than you’d expect… 😮🚀

Doges Mistress has a little secret she just couldn’t wait to tell you all. Instead of 33% of the tax amount going into rewards, she has bent Doge over for almost everything he has and is rewarding all her holders with a 90% reward amount on all transactions 🚀🚀🚀🚀

That’s right, if you hold Doges Mistress a whopping 90% of all transaction fee’s get redistributed to holders in Doge Coin!! This project is one the highest reward projects in history 🔥💦 you won’t get rewards like this anywhere else!!

The Dev team secretly reduced the marketing wallet % to zero so everyone could be unknowingly rewarded crazy amounts in Doge Coin, we hope you like the surprise 🍾😊

Buy in now and hold because in a few days time this project will be be hitting new ATH every few hours 🚀 word will spread so buy in now and hold!!

Luckily for you the Dev team is cashed up and will continue their explosive marketing schedule as planned. Sit back and become rich in both Doges Mistress and Doge Coin 🚀🔥





AUDIT by KarenApproved.

*** CONTRACT ***


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