🐶 We are the REAL SpaceDoge #SPACE #DOGE = $SPACEDOGE🐶

❗️🐶❗️ Attention all Doge fans❗️🐶 ❗️ We have decided to take Space Doge multiplanetary! Changes with immediate effect include:

– Liquidity tax has been disabled, instantly making Space Doge much cheaper on the gas fees!

– We will be incentivizing LP providers by airdropping $SpaceDoge – 1% of supply airdropped to LP providers every week for the next 5 weeks! We will be taking your average balance and if you make in sell transactions then you will not be eligible.

– Marketing campaign starting immediately to remind people of the best Doge around – $SpaceDoge ! 🐶Let’s get baddas and take the dogecoin standard to the global financial system.🚀

🌚 $SpaceDoge is now live on Uniswap !

***✅ Pancake Swap (Use V2):***[******](

***🎉 Verified Contract: 0x6c19698a1a2be6dd45ff348c662105f82ac65709***

Min slippage to buy: 5%

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is replacing the existing capitalist and corporate structures inhabiting current Banks and Financial Services. We have an exciting new deflationary currency with burn mechanism, auto-liquidity feature, and redistribution to every hodlers. We also implemented an anti-whale measure to prevent people from buying more than 1% of the total supply at once, until we consider it being spread enough. If we have learned one thing from DOGE making its way into the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, it’s that there is plenty of room in the crypto space for a token which value rests on the internet subculture. After all, why shouldn’t we have our own token that we can use and exchange among ourselves ? DOGE is totally capable of this, however, it will not be able to carry this torch in the long term as it is inherently inflationary. Everyday there are more Dogecoins in circulation and therefore, its value is constantly being diminished by design. This is where SpaceDoge comes in. Because SpaceDoge is a deflationary currency, there will never be more SpaceDoge in circulation than there is now. And because of its ingenious features, every single SpaceDoge hodler has an incentive to spread the use of SpaceDoge, and to stay onboard with the project for a longer time. As more transactions take place in the network, the individual net-worth of all who own a piece of the network increases as well.

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