🐶Cockapoo💩 | 💎 The Primary Currency of The “Uber for Dogs” | 🚀Upcoming Mobile App Featured on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance & Market Watch!🔥

🌟Cockapoo is a utility-based coin that is building a mobile app for P2P payments for:

🐶Pet Walking

🐶Pet Sitting

🐶Poop Removal

🐶Pet Training

🐶Pet Playdate Scheduling AND MORE!

📲Cockapoo is beta launching their app in Miami, FL soon and nicknaming it the UBER FOR DOGS.

🌟$CPOO is currently under a 400k market cap, giving it INSANE moonshot potential. They will beta launch their mobile app soon and plan to reach over 25,000 users before the end of the year.

With real long term opportunities and real world use cases, it has already received interest from:

🔸Pet Product Companies 🔸Pet Waste Disposal Companies 🔸Environmental Advocacy Groups

🌟Mission: American dogs generate over 10.6 MILLION TONS of dog poop each year in America alone, 40% of which goes uncleaned- leaving over 4 MILLION TONS undisposed yearly. $CPOO hopes to increase dog waste disposal by 1%, eliminating annual dog waste by over 40,000 TONS per year. This mission has already gained attention from both environmental and pet organizations.


🔸8% Transaction Fee 🔸3% LP Allocation 🔸2% Static Rewards 🔸1% Burn 🔸2% Development/Operation (Mobile app compensation to users, dog park clean up efforts)

🚨Cockapoo was not designed as an overnight 2x. This project is built for REAL long term growth and value. With pending CMC application and platforms like BLOOMBERG, YAHOO FINANCE, SEEKING ALPHA, & MARKET WATCH already giving it attention, get in today for a HUGE discount.🚨

👉 **LD LOCKED 2 YEARS:** [](

👉 **Verified Contract** : 0xc36a35469f731ad0c9c527c1cc9a0e3af1d6efe5

👉 **BUY NOW** : [](

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