🐷 Introducing ElonGated 🐷 A Token to ElonGate Your Bag. Launching at 11pm EST

I don’t know about you, but Elon Musk’s head is so ElonGated he looks like a Neanderthal. His head structure looks that of a race of humans that are long forgotten/extinct. Since none of us really know where Elon came from before he was granted ownership of Tesla, it is possible he could be derived from this lineage of humans. Ever since I laid eyes on him, I knew he was Elongated. He came to us from a species of ElonGated Humans. Telegram: [](

🐷 **Introducing ElonGated** 🐷 A Token to ElonGate Your Bag. Launching at 9pm EST


🎁**Giveaways**🎁 will be done at each 100k market cap. A total of 1BNB will be sent to a random holder’s wallet address at each 100k Market cap we hit.

🚀 **Contract Address**: Announced in Telegram



🔒✅  Total Supply :  👨‍🚀 1,000,000,000,000 (1trillion)

🔥✅  Burn: 50%

💖✅ Giveaways: 1 BNB at every 100k Market Cap we hit

**🎗FAIR LAUNCHING in 4 More Hours🎗**

>📨 Telegram: [](
👍 For all SAFU links join the Telegram
🐄 Countdown Timer: [](

**🎗Other characteristics🎗**

🔒 ✅ Locked liquidity on dxsale

🚀✅ 10% Slippage


🏁 Roadmap:

Sub-Reddit posts, CMS posts, Raids, Coinhunt & coingecko listing, coinmarketcap, tiktok, influencers, tg groups, audit, twitter, grow community.

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