👑New Exchange Listing and LP Farming! 🏹 Make Gal and BNB Farming ⚔️ Gallant Token $GAL 🔥 Solid Proof Audit + KYC ⚔️

# Gallant has been listed on Padswap Exchange and the LP farm is live!!! This will give you the ability to farm LP – making GAL and BNB!!!

**You can now buy gallant and make LP at:** [](

**Then farm your LP here:** [](

Padswap is an exchange that will become the new Pancake swap, only better. They are making crypto safe and secure. They have made a launchpad, staking and LP farming with better security and cheaper prices!


We are making moves along with Flexe IO press release coming in next days!!

Having passed the **Solid Proof security audit & KYC** prior to launch(can be seen here [](, Gallant Token is transparent and filter-free.

If excellence is what you’re after, take a look at Gallant Token.

Gallant is a natural beauty low market cap cryptocurrency with long term investment in mind!

**The Facts:**

1. **Gaming Utility Token**
2. **3 Medieval** inspired Games in early development (Progressive Web, Mobile & PC/Cross-Platform RPG MMO)
3. Launched August 2nd!
4. **Low MC** (195k+ been on the raise)
5. Doxxed Dev Team
6. The contract allows for modifications to the tokenomics to keep the project LP healthy!
7. **Tokenomics**

8% to marketing/dev *This is in BNB, so they are not hitting the chart with sales when they need $*The smart contract process these fees when it meets its swap and liquify threshold.

2% Liquidity *****To build stability,they can adjust this and give back to holders in reflections at any time. We are around 23% ratio LP to market cap!!!

**3% Reflections** to holders *To grow your bag and be rewards for being a diamond hand*

**The Fun:**

1. We play **Rocket League**, **Apex Legends** & **Call of Duty** on Cryptic Nexus, Twitch & Epic Games weekly!
2. Friendly competition in **Telegram Games** daily – Beat our high scores!
3. **Voice Chat** always open to talk with admins and devs, like a 24/7 AMA!
4. Get to know new & interesting people in our community!

Join us on twitch [](

Join our Crypto Gaming on: [](

**The Pros:**

1. You’re Early – **long term investment**, great entry right now!
2. Their contract unlike most allow for changing of fees to keep healthy LP and marketing funds, while rewarding holders with reflections. No one fee can go over 10% as safety measure for investors!
3. Become **Gallantier of the Month**! PRIZE = GAL Airdrop & LE Gallant NFT
4. Share your skills & join the team!
5. Friendship & Good sportsmanship = genuine community!
6. Farming – straight up rewards of GAL and BNB.

**The Cons:**

1. It won’t happen **overnight** – it can’t and it shouldn’t. We’re building a solid **RPG MMO game** and we’re giving it the time it deserves so it doesn’t fall short. But you can rest assured that you’re in early and you can enjoy our other offerings on the way up. We have stuff to keep you occupied and entertained.
2. Participation in the project/community is a necessity during the early stage. You’ll get more out of this project if you participate. You’ll also have more influence on the project. Have your voice/ideas heard.

**The Solution:**

We are solving the problem of trust in the crypto community.

Don’t trust us because someone tells you to.

Look at our history and let that be your guide. Come talk with the Admin, Dev Team and Mods.


New PR Releases in the works for **Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch & More!**




Youtube Promos

Youtube AMAs

Twitter Promos/Partnerships

Giveaways & Contests

**Gallant may not be the hottest chick in the room because she doesn’t have the allure of overnight huge gains as other coins claim.**

**But if Gallant Token was a woman, she’d be wifey because unlike other coins she won’t take all your money and run, instead she’ll make you money and possibly a better person over time.**

So check them out! Currently consolidating and ready to make a move higher. Hodlers are holding and paper hands have exited.

⚔️ Promotion by **Umar Khan,** **Steven Clarke** and **Tyler Hill** on youtube

🛡 They have completed an AMA with **Satoshi Street Bets**, **GENTOKENS** and **Cryptospace**!

🏹 The DEV team is 100% doxxed

⚔️ NFT’s coming soon on a **One of a kind platform – ParadoxNFT**

The reflections have been turned up, while turning down our marketing wallet and auto LP! Buy now while this deal is still happening!

🌐 Their new website is [](

⚔️ Telegram: [](

💻 Discord: [](

🐦 Twitter: [](

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