👸 KAREN Approved ✅ Watch out rug pullers and scammers. | We are coming for you 👮🏽‍♂️| Karen Coin is going to moon and everyone better be on board!

After much anticipation, we have finally arrived at our last of the series of announcements in the lead up to the launch of our use case 🙌🙌, 👸 Karen Approved ✅ …and we always save the best until last!!

We know how crazy the meme token industry is getting. Rug pulls and scammers are not slowing down and more and more people are becoming frustrated and losing faith in this $20B industry. 👸 Karen Approved ✅ is going fight against this pandemic to set the new benchmark in standards by minimizing the number of these problems as much as possible and help investors make smarter buying decisions.

Alrighty…here it is.

We are proud to say that we have been in contact with Certik (yes, you read that right) who are open to building a relationship with us in taking on coins to be able to audit them in the most professional way possible for 👸 Karen Approved ✅. This will represent the highest level of verification that one can achieve on the platform. For those that can’t afford this at the beginning we will be offering a cheaper solution also that still audits projects in a reputable way!!

Oh…you thought that was it…we have more!

We know from polls 📝 in the telegram ☎️ group that Twitter is the biggest traffic driver for new Karen Coin holders. This being said we have also just finalized an amazing partnership with the one and only Crypto Monkey 🙉 who has over 600k twitter followers including people such as CZ Binance who often retweets Crypto Monkey’s posts. Crypto Monkey has expressed that he too is sick of scammers and rug pullers and wants to help get the word out there that 👸 Karen Approved ✅ will be the new standard in the industry. We are working on more of these partnerships with more twitter influencers, so this is only the beginning.

We hope you’re ready for 👸 Karen Approved ✅. We are very close to launch🚀🚀! Strap in, get ready, Karen Coin is going to the moon 🌕🌕 and everyone is going to see us!!!


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