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BONE Store
BONE Real Estate
BONE Yield Farming Launching Soon
Join Us and Be a Part of Our Community where we are adding real world Utilities to Crypto Currency

Bone Real Estate is Online
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🛥The Floating Seahorse
🏝Palm Island

Payment Plan in Instalments
💰Shiba Inu

BONE token is developed to add value to Crypto Currency and especially DOGECOIN by accepting Doge payment at Stores, Real Estates and other businesses. 
DOGE REAL ESTATE will be providing properties from all over the world at our , Our Channel partners and agents will be closing the deals by selling listed properties. 
Doge Real Estate will Earn 2% of the Cost of the property and 1% will be added to the BONE Token liquidity Pool to Benefit the BDOGE Holders.
DOGE Real Estate’s main aim will be allow people to buy property from Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and BONE Token. BONE Token will be building its MarketCap from the Sales % distribution into the Liquidity.  

💸No Tax
💰1% Sale Goes to Liquidity after Launch
💵Yield Farming coming Soon

🔐Each Sale can be monitored in our system
🚨So we make sure 1% Sales goes to Liquidity of Token
All holder can evaluate our companies and they can analyse that committed percentage from Sales will go to the liquidity. 📈

Join Us In Our Journey
BONE Real Estate WhitePaper📄:

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