📈Why $Mil is a good investment. 🚀 Military.Finance🔥

Here are some reasons why Mil is a great investment.

There are 19 million veterans in the United States, which that number is multiplied greatly from the world wide statistics. Military.Finance is a project set on helping veterans all over the world. 45 days into the project and $Mil has already secured partnerships with America’s leading veteran foundations and already setting the scope to Germany, Australia and more countries all over the globe.

So the first reason to invest in Mil, other than the entire team and mods/ admins being fully doxxed, is morally justified beside the fact you can make money. Your also helping people that need it. Many of the veterans Mil is tending to help are people, just like you and me but are struggling to integrate back into normal life because after fighting for you, me, your children and your friends future, these heroes now have to deal with PTSD and lack proper treatment.

The second reason is, it’s so early! Mil is down 6x from its all time high of 70 million market cap, and today, it has started its ascension to a new all time high, sitting at the top gainers in BitMart all day! At over 150% gains. With greater numbers to come! We are not stopping here.

Thirdly, July 7th, Military Finance is announcing THE biggest thing to hit crypto I’ve literally ever heard. That will animorph any bear to a bull upon a small glance. I assure you, this is about to be HUGE!

You can forget all the times you’ve been rugpulled, scammed or even made bad trades. Come make your money back with Mil. I promise you, (not really, because I’m not a financial advisor, just figuratively) that you will not regret jumping in and grabbing a bag!







📍How to buy:

🔑Contract address: 0xf5015995376a35b10dcBD96BA6B6e9de1c9f87c5


📌Successfully launched on Bitmart

📌Sponsoring a NASCAR truck series driven by disabled vet Keith McGee on June 18.

📌Approved XT exchange & in talks with Binance 🤞.

📌The MIL team is fully DOXXED. Mil has Already donated $20,000 to the Heart of a Lion Foundation.
📌Weekly AMA on twitch. Follow Mil Finance on twitch to watch previous AMAs

📌Mil will be auctioning off a Bitcoin AR-15

📌Plans to announce staking availability to help veterans!

Operation Surprise a Soldier is a go! Tune in and subscribe to the channel for more updates!!

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