🔒 SAFUYIELD Protocol | Recent and future exchange listing plans | Contract Audit ✔️ NFT Marketplace | Awesome 2021 Roadmap 🛠️ Many upcoming tools to explore and use |



SAFUYIELD is a deflationary token, multi chain yield aggregator, governance and staking protocol vs SAFUYIELD

**SAFUYIELD** is the utility token for**SAFUYIELD** token holders can interact with the SAFUDAO Governance Protocol to propose and cast a vote for the next project to be part of the **** platform.

📈Trading on Pancakeswap

SAFUYIELD has liquidity and is trading on Pancakeswap, but they also have their own platform called SafuSwap ( [](

)which works the same way and has SAFUYIELD included in their list of tokens.

🔔Listed on Hotbit

Just today, SAFUYIELD was listed on Hotbit. The team has a list of exchanges they’re targeting listings on (which is a huge pump each time). They’re also listed on MDEX and 1inch, plus some more.

📝Verifed contract

Their contract is currently undergoing a Certik contract audit and they have other audits planned to show security and visibility in their token. They’re also planning an AMA with Certik in the coming weeks.

✔️NFT Marketplace

They’re working hard on an NFT marketplace of their own to include on [](

. SAFUYIELD holders will be able to join the NFT marketplace to create/trade/sell different non-fungible tokens.

✅Listed on Coingecko

They recently listed on Coingecko and they have targets of CoinMarketCap and other sites. 

|🔥Smart Burn mechanism

|♻️2% Fees shared among holders

This is why early buyers will be rewarded heavily. They are a deflationary token that redistributes part of every transaction to all holders, which means it has a crazy compounding effect. They have a 100 Trillion total supply but half was burned at the launch so at this point the outstanding supply is probably closer to 48 Trillion.

Their big money making products are yet to be launched:

Currently, SAFULOCK is undergoing public testing. SAFULOCK is a way to lock up any BEP-20 based tokens, earn APY on some tokens, and this includes LP tokens.

SAFUSCAN is a solidity static code analysis tool and rug pull detector for any BSC project, which is set to launch soon.

SAFUNFT is their NFT network, including AI generated NFTs. Like I said above, you’ll be able to create/trade/sell NFTs on their NFT marketplace.

And lastly, SAFUBRIDGE. They’re working on a cross-chain smart token bridge. This is personally what I’m most excited for but I’m not sure when it is planned for release, all I know is it’s planned for Q4.

At the time of posting this, SAFUYIELD is just below a $1M market cap. I’m in big on this project and you should be too.

Telegram: [](

Website: [](

Twitter: [](

Discord: [](

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