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There will be no stopping Doge’s Mistress post launch 🔥 They’ve already amassed over 7000 telegram members prior to launch with a monster influencer lineup already in action. The project is completely anti-rug and is launched by Karen Approved. They already have multiple marketing channels which include big influencer giveaways on Twitter, apparently big crypto Youtuber’s have content coming up shortly along with Poocoin banner ads and more are already live.


The most important part of this project is security & safety 🚀 This is the first incubator launch on the Karen Approved platform which is an auditing and anti-rug incubator program designed to exclusively launch safe projects. The team at Karen Approved have privately doxxxed the teams devs with all personal information of each dev member being held by them.


Now this is great but it still doesn’t stop a rug 100% so the Karen Approved team have gone further again! The LP will be burnt 100% by the Karen Approved team upon launch, not by the devs which provides another layer of security. The marketing wallet AND Dev/Burn wallet can only be accessed by the devs in a multi-sig wallet only after approval by Karen Approved team 🔥. The contract itself is held and controlled by the Karen approved team making this project pretty much 100% Anti-Rug, a first of its kind!!


Everyone at some point has invested in a rugged project and this Karen Approved ( powered by Karen Coin ) incubator program is putting a stop to all of it. Invest wisely and safely with Doge’s Mistress 🐶


Another very impressive thing i’ve noticed is the community support behind the project already. Read their group chats like Telegram, the “ Mistress Army ” as they call themselves is behind the project 100%.


A big feature I liked was the no pre-sale which usually is all purchased up by the dev’s. The project will be launched on PancakeSwap within the next 8 hours, I seriously can not wait 🚀 A fair launch allows many young investors got in early and I think it’s going to beca huge reason for their success.


The tokenomics is good with their rate being a little lower than similar designed coins. They have an 12% tax on every transaction so there are lower entry and exit fees incentivising more trade incentive. So 4% is distributed to holders in Doge Coin, 4% to the LP and 4% into the Marketing/Buy Back wallet.


Broken down simply:


12% tax on every transaction.


4% reflect earning passive income by holding. All rewards are instantly paid out in Doge Coin.


4% liquidity protecting against wild price fluctuations.


4% into the marketing/buy back wallet top assist in coin stabilisation and growth.


To sum it up:


– 100% Anti-Carpet Pull


– Tokenomics making it Anti-Big Fish


– No pre-sale, launched directly on Pancake Swap for all to participate equally.


– LP-tokens burnt ( not locked like most others which eventually become available to the devs )


– All security and Anti-Rug measures are controlled by the Karen Approved platform making it basically impossible for the dev team to rug in any way, shape or form.


The token info will be posted in their telegram chat upon launch, follow the link below to their website then click the “ Join Our telegram “ tab to jump in telegram.


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