🔥 MicroSHIBA, the best BNB rewards token, is taking BSC by storm! Listing on LBank, Lambo giveaway, NFT game in development and more after JUST ONE WEEK! 🚀Strong reversal going on in our chart right now, people definitely starting to realise our potential!


In just one week, MicroSHIBA has hit many milestones that most tokens take a month or longer to hit. Listed on CMC and CG on day 1 and they’re already listing on their first centralized exchange (CEX), LBank, this Wednesday. The 40+ team of DeFi experts has the skill set, connections and work ethic to take the project beyond the stars. Add in the juicy BNB rewards (4%), reflections (1%), liquidity pool (2%) and marketing & manual buyback (8%) and this one is definitely a long-term hold.

**CEX Listing**

It’s official! MicroSHIBA has chosen LBank as their first centralized exchange. LBank has over $1.5 billion USD in daily volume and will be listing and allowing trading of MicroSHIBA on August 11th at 11 AM EST. What does this mean for MicroSHIBA? More buying volume and the ability to reach a much larger audience of investors outside of PancakeSwap.

**Lambo Giveaway & Soulja Boy Promo**

MicroSHIBA is partnering with Soulja Boy to give away a Lambo when they hit a $15MM market cap and sustain it for 24 hours, which is unheard of at such a small market cap. Most other projects require a much higher market cap, but MicroSHIBA was designed with superior tokenomics that ensure volume at smaller market cap sizes enable great marketing wallet growth, thus bigger giveaways and bigger HYPE! There’s also many contests and community engagement incentives for all investor levels that create a fun, welcoming Telegram channel environment.

**NFT Game Marketplace**

In order to create actual utility and demand for MicroSHIBA tokens, they’ve begun development of an NFT game marketplace. Why is this important? Utility increases the demand for MicroSHIBA’s tokens, ensuring users are incentivized to continue to buy tokens versus selling them off. Furthermore, having a game marketplace helps build a community of highly engaged users, further driving the longevity of the project. Considering MicroSHIBA is just one week in and already building towards utility, it shows the team’s focus on the long-term versus simply being another pump and dump.

**Telegram & Social Media**

📲 Official Telegram EN: [](

📲Official Telegram CN: [](

📣 Official Discord: [](

🖥 Website: [](

🐥 Twitter: [](

🤝 Reddit: [](
CMC: [](
CG: [](


Comparing the MicroSHIBA team’s superior execution to other projects simply isn’t even possible. The team is getting done in days which takes other projects weeks or months to execute on. This is a surefire trip to the stars!

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