πŸ”₯ The biggest game for Degens has been launched JUST NOW!πŸ”₯

Hot Potato is now live and it’s time to make those gains! πŸ₯”


Buy either a Potato or Chips and double your money in the next round!

How to play:

1. Connect your wallet (make sure you have BSC)
2. Buy Potato or Chips.

That is it!

How it works:

Every Potato/ Chip is being sold from the players who bought on the previous round for double the price!


So just buy and wait for the BNB transfer directly to your wallet!


πŸ”₯We also made lottery for the 100 latest buyers

πŸ”₯Jackpot prize for the last to buy a Potato and the last to buy Chips

πŸ”₯And the Potato gets reflection every time a Chip is sold

Telegram: [](

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