🔥MadDogeToken will be BIG 🔥50 BNB marketing before launch , 10 BNB giveaway for shillers, 100,000,000,000 AIRDROPS!!! 🔥🔥

**Welcome everyone to MadDogeToken!🔥**

The doge market is doing well right now, we’ve seen tokens hit 50+Million MarketCap. We decided to launch a new Doge Moonshot with MadDogeToken🔥🔥

We have a very decent marketing budget of 50BNB!, which will be used to advertise this project. 25BNB will be used for marketing before launch day to get this group hyped (10BNB is giveaways/airdrops for shillers ), the rest of the 25BNB is to be paid by big famous groups on telegram so we can get some attention. 🔥

The rest of the 50BNB will be used to advertise the project on launch day to get the HYPE on-going.🔥

After launch we will be doing more paid marketing with well known twitter influencers with our marketing wallet.🔥🔥

**FAQ Questions:**


10 BNB givaways for shillings contests

100,000,000,000 tokens Airdrops.



-The presale will be on DXSALE.


-Saturday 17th 7pm UTC




Min/Max contribution?

-Min: 0.1 BNB

-Max: 4 BNB

Presale price = Launch price 🚀


What can we expect from the team?

1) Pre-Launch:

– Top trending on reddit (CMS & SSB) posts

– Coinhunt & Coinsniper

– Influencers Endorsement

– marketing in big telegram channels

– VC AMA with the team before public presale

-Airdrop competition

2) After launch:

– CG & CMC Application

-paid promotions

**Tokenomics** : TBA

**TAX**: TBA




Website: Soon!

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