πŸš€ Leak Token πŸ“ˆ | Decentralized Adult Entertainment Leaks at your finger tips πŸ’Ž | Usecase, app launches in a few days


Makes leaked porn easy to find on the app, easy to submit, get rewarded for bounties, make money.



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**βœ… What is Unstoppable Leak?**

Unstoppable Leak is a unified repository of adult leaked content that is always consistent, up-to-date and permanent. It achieves so by providing a solution that leverages the many advantages of distributed file systems, coupled with economical incentive mechanisms to encourage users to maintain up-to-date content.


**βœ… Vision**

Current adult content leak attempts have many fundamental issues:

1. Unstable: They always end up banned or removed because the file hosting services used (i.e. MEGA, Google Drive, Dropbox) are centralized and therefore subject to the will of both the company and government.

2. Disparate: They are often hard to find and scattered on many websites on the Internet, you will have to look for them on Reddit, 4chan, and other forums.

3. Out-of-date: They are rarely up-to-date and providers usually quickly stop supplying leaks.

4. Inconsistent: Some leaks are low quality, some have watermarks, and sometimes only a small part of the creator’s content is available. We need high-quality, high-availability leaks.


Our goal is to solve all of those issues with a single project thanks to new decentralized technologies, here are our solutions:

1. Stable: We use a decentralized and peer-to-peer distributed file system to store leaks.

2. Unified: Our platform acts as an adult content leak repository, easily accessible from a single website.

3. Up-to-date: Incentive systems encourage providers to maintain up-to-date content.

4. Consistent: Economical incentives are in place to incite providers to only supply high-quality leaks.



* Initial supply: 100,000,000,000 LEAK
* Initial liquidity: 44% (Locked)
* Team wallet: 2% (Locked)
* Marketing & Development: 2%
* Initial burn: 15.62%
* Private sale: 4.38%
* Airdrop: 3% (Locked, will be used for airdrops and rewards)
* Expansion budget: 7% (Locked, will be used in the long-term to build the ecosystem)
* Reserve: 22% (Locked for 2 years, will be used for future economical mechanisms)


**βœ… Redistribution**

LEAK redistributes a portion of each transaction to holders (as rewards) and the liquidity pool.

* Liquidity pool: 4%
* Holders: 2%
* Marketing & Development: 2%


**Incentive structure**

Our incentive structure is the reason leaks on Unstoppable Leak are up-to-date and consistent. Leak providers are rewarded LEAK tokens proportionally to the number and quality of requested leaks they provide on the platform. Therefore, providers are incentivized to supply high-quality and up-to-date leaks. As a critical component of this structure, they are able to turn a profit on the content they purchased from official sources (via an OnlyFans subscription or any other mean) by leaking it on Unstoppable Leak.



Anybody can request leaks for any model. To do so, you can send your LEAK tokens to a model’s bounty pool, those funds will then be distributed among the relevant model’s leak providers once they delivered leaks. Let’s say you want more leaks of Belledelphine, you would send LEAK tokens to her bounty pool, which will then be used to reward users who provided this model’s leaks.

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