πŸš€ Presale Live Now πŸ”₯ OneShotToken 🎯 Paperhands Vs Diamond Hands πŸ’Ž What Are You?! 😝 Join Us Today πŸš€

Can you hold, or will you sell? You have OneShot! New BSC project with a twist! 10% BNB Rewards for holders πŸ’° OneShotToken πŸš€ Presale LIVE!!

Every project these days is giving you cake, PooCoin or another of the crazy meme tokens available on BSC! They’re all repeating history, same old boring idea, ran until the craze is over!

OneShot aims to challenge the strength of its holders, letting them push their limits and see how long they can hold on for.

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ It’s the ULTIMATE paperhands vs diamond hands showdown! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Can you hold, or will you sell?! πŸ€ͺ

TLDR; if you sell, you’re blacklisted… FOREVER!

Forever? Yes, forever! The paperhands will get rekt! Think you can cheat your way around the sell limit, by selling multiple times? Think again!

Our smart contract is set up to ensure you can only sell your ENTIRE bag, even if you only attempt to sell a part of it – it’ll automatically be changed so your entire holdings will be sold! Paperhands, get rekt!

The team at OneShotToken believe this is an amazing opportunity for the diamond hands to win, once again. As each of the paperhands sell, the existing holders get a piece of the pie. 10% of each transaction is distributed every hour, based on your holding %, in BNB!

So diamond hands win 2 ways – they win as the price goes higher and higher, as well as by earning BNB passively!

There is a total supply of 1,000,000.

Max wallet size of 1% (10,000 OST).

Presale tomorrow, 10th August @ 2PM UTC!

Soft cap: 150BNB – Hard cap: 200BNB

All of the presale funds will go in to the LP and be locked for 1 year.

Presale price is 1BNB = 2000 OST

Launch price is also 1BNB = 2000 OST

No sells will be allowed for the first 15 minutes. This isn’t a honeypot, this is part of the contract! That way we can stop presale sniper bots!

So, what are you? Paperhand or diamond hand?




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