🚀BlockchainSkins- Introducing Cross Game and Cross Chain Video Game Cosmetic NFTS🚀

🚀**Blockchainskins is an all new groundbreaking and truly revolutionary platform poised to cause a complete paradigm shift in blockchain cosmetics.**🚀


**BlockchainSkins** is an NFT platform focused on providing the infrastructure and incentives required to create and integrate cross game and cross chain compatible video game cosmetics. The platform collects the standard 2.5% fee on NFT sales but unlike other platforms they redistribute the majority of this fee back to the ecosystem.


From the 2.5% collected

🚀 .5% is distributed to NFT sellers in the form of the native **BONUS** token

🚀 .5% is distributed in the native **BONUS** token to the video games that adopt our platforms skins on a weighted average based on daily users

🚀.5% is peeled off for platform costs

🚀 2% of fees collected are used to rebuy **BONUS** token from Pancakeswap.


The constant buy pressure from this creates value for the games to crowd source the development of their skins and models and provides incentive to treat **BONUS** as a means of saving due to the amount being rebought exceeding the amount going out. 🚀



NFT is sold for 100$ in BNB. 97.5$ goes to the user who sold the NFT. 1$ in **BONUS** is distributed, 50c in **BONUS** to the user who sold the NFT and 50c in **BONUS** to games who integrated **BlockchainSkins**. 2$ in BNB is used to rebuy **BONUS** from Pancakeswap and 50c of BNB goes to platform costs 🚀


🚀 Team fully doxxed

🚀 No Presale



🚀 Countless **BIG** announcements to come and we will be doing a featured post on /r/Enjin soon. Hope you’re part of the coming ascension. 🚀




PancakeSwap trade link


#**Road Map for BlockchainSkins:**

🚀 Fiat on/off ramp integration to platform

🚀 Tier 1 exchanges

🚀 Cross-chain bridges with time locks to facilitate NFT transfers

🚀 NFT Staking

🚀 NFT loans

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