🚘 Drife ($7M) taking steps to take down Uber ($76B) πŸ”§ 10000x possible 🀯 Deal with Dubai Finalized πŸ’° Staking coming soon!

BTC has cracked $50k and it’s time to start getting bullish again. Whereas previous confidence intervals would have suggested that things were looking 50/50, resistance has continued to be broken time and again and money once removed is flooding right back in.
Meanwhile, Gold continues to tumble as the true flippening of value moving from random rocks to much more useful digital assets continue.
We see that everything makes more sense moving away from fiat that can be frozen in banks and calls to end these archaically run payment processors eating an ungodly amount of fees and stopping transactions for no other reason than β€œpersonal values.”
Nowhere is that decentralization more needed than in the rideshare industry.
One only needs to look at the sheer level of dysfunction over at Uber’s offices and β€œbro” culture to know that centralizing what is becoming an essential service is far from ideal.
From diverting pay that should go to drivers into the hands of executives who do little but administrate, the P2P nature of ride sharing is built for decentralization.
Drife is the first decentralized solution to the rideshare problem and has overcome several obstacles to create a sustainable uptrend. Still currently below a $10M market cap, there is a serious marketing push upcoming in order to capitalize on the emerging bull market.
Considering that cryptocurrency bull markets typically start by multiplying the market caps of projects with promising utility, this is expertly timed with Drife ready to claim a much more reasonable market cap given its potential.
After all, if you could tell rideshare drivers all over the world that they could cut the middleman out and get more of the fares right into their pocket as they would be able to with Drife, they’d likely all start migrating over.
Once Drife has the best international coverage for rideshares, consumer bases will naturally flip over and get this market cap closer to Uber’s $76B market cap.
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