2 days left to Malaysia officially ban Binance and still 0 announcements regarding this from Binance..

I’m a Malaysia investor and I have so many questions.

1. Can we still use vpn to access our wallet ?
2. Will the p2p trading platform still available for Malaysia currency ?
3. Why the hell is Binance still hiring a director in Malaysia ??? [here’s the job hiring post ](

4. Can we Malaysia investors at least get a freakin respond for this situation ? I have ADA and ETH staked in Binance…

Please help upvote this as this is important for Malaysia investors.

What do you think?

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  1. If Binance is illegal in Malaysia you can probably still use a VPN to access the site, however you would be screwed if there is an issue. I would be withdrawing all my funds if I were you. My understanding is that the main issue that the Malaysian government have is that they allow trading of the local currency without a license. It sucks I know because there doesn’t seem to be many other good options.

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