20k Members πŸ’° and Rapidly Growing Pump Group! πŸ’Ž 100% Fair Pumps, no VIP nonsense. Everyone will EARN Together! 🀝 Last pump did 1200%

⚑ Cumulative over 20,000% pump over past week

❀ PancakeswapV2 | BNB bsc

⚑ 20k members and growing rapidly!

⚑ Daily 2,000-4,000 investors joining in the pump

⚑ 100% Fair and Members Priority Pump

⚑No VIP nonsense, everyone pump same time

πŸš€ Easiest 5X-20X of profit over 5mins in your life

πŸ‘‹ No more Rugs and Scam, Pure Profit daily

⭐ Pumps Organized Daily!

😍 Join us to believe the unbelievable!!

Revolutionary Binance Smart Tokens are used to pump in our groups. Entrants and members who participate and join us usually earn IMMENSE rewards such as X5-X20 of your initial capital.

Not only that, you will meet open and honest devs, whom will guide you on how to MAXIMIZE your profits through the pump stint. Additionally, the devs of this group organize AMA Bi-weekly for ensuring FAIR and LEGIT Pumps so that you and me can enter the pumps safely, and profitably.

This Pump channel has been around for almost 2 months, and has amassed a INCREDIBLE 19k members with a Daily participation rate of 2.5k-4k investors on the MASSIVE Pumps. Remember, it doesn’t matter when you join us, nobody will ever have an advantage in this Pump channel, as the token is Pumped at the SAME time for everyone!

❀How to start joining us?❀

1. Have your Trustwallet or Metamask ready πŸ‘›

2. Have at least 1BNB-2BNB in your wallet πŸ₯°

3. We are going to use PancakeswapV2 which means you need BSC BNB ⭐

4. Look out for the Pump signal in the channel 🎯

5. When the token is posted, click on the pancakeswap link, or copy the token address and prepare to swap it with your BNB 🀝

6. Remember to set your slippage to 25%-40% for guaranteed profit πŸ’¦

7. Set gas fees to 10-20 for a smoother transaction β›½

8. TADA, you have successfully purchased the Pump token πŸ”₯

9. Follow the chart, till all investors have come in to the Pump 🐳

10. When it reaches the ATH or ALL TIME HIGH, remember to swap it back out to your BNB πŸš€

11. And dear ladies and gentlemen, this is where you will view your PROFITS!!πŸ’°

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  1. I feel the market is already pass it’s peak and winter will come soon. so im finished with memercoins, too risky. I prefer to invest some more money in growth tokens like $RNB which are more solid and less effected by market cycles

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