3.8G/h here – my electric bill for JUST MINING is £1100 / $1500

Hey all,

So today, I added a new rig (7 in total) and decided to recrunch the electric cost numbers.

Currently mining ETH at 3.8GHs with a mix of mostly 3070s, 3090s and 1660s.

My daily electric cost (from only the mining) is just shy of £35 / $50

My monthly electric bill is now a whopping £1050 or $1500.

These are exact figures, based on the full rigs (GPUS + CPU + ALL FANS etc)

My previous self audit in April 2021 was around £700 for electric, but its grown quite a bit since then!

I know its not the most interesting post, but I was just amazing that I have passed the £1000 a month electric bill mark. Before mining, my electric and gas was £49 a month (I live alone).

I am waiting for police to knock on the door to see if I am growing weed!


Happy mining everyone!

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