3090 vram would hit temps of 110c at 110mh/s max. How I got it to 92c at 122 mh/s stable

I used like 8 of these heatsinks all over the black plate of my zotac 3090 Trinity: Nxtop 12 Pcs Aluminium 40 x 40 x…

Apply thin layer of thermal paste (I used mx4)

You could use thermal pads but I don’t think it will work as well, just way less messy

Then I set 3 120mm pc fans right on top of the heatsinks, doubling up in one area

It’s all messy and diy, but perfect for somebody just running two cards out of his gaming pc build
Either way, before the best I could do was 95 mh/s at 98-102c stable, had to go with very specific undervolt and OC settings fans at 100% 24/7

Now I run a undervolt curve, fans at 95%, +1400 memory and 89% power limit and get 122-123mh/s stable at 92c
It costed me around 20$ vs replacing pads for a varying result, voiding warranty and being a huge pain in the ass and possibly screwing something up, or spending 200-300$+ on water cooling

What do you think?

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