3rd time lucky repost problem still not resolved #06743826

Getting sick & tired of this company shocking customer service once the door opens for me I’m out!!

So a few days ago after trading that same day! I randomly just open my Coinbase app again as you do see how things are going and there’s a message on my screen saying that my account is under review and that I can’t use Coinbase for the time being. I see that it says these reviews usually take a few days so I don’t think much of it, but when I started digging deeper and deeper reading tweets & posts on here, I found horror stories of people’s accounts being locked out for months on end. They are yet to respond to any message from email to direct message as to why my account is being reviewed at all, and I’m now extremely nervous because I don’t want to have my account with my money in it locked for a long time. Can someone advise me on what I should do because everyone is saying support tickets and contact with Coinbase have done nothing for them? And no private messages from randomers thanks!


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