Not looking to start a bear vs bull situation. I have respect for the bears and recognize that they are on average the more experienced investors and traders.

I just want to promote the idea among holders and those new to this space that our objective should not really have anything to do with fiat.

Part of what I believe generates the bear mentality on dogecoin is how many holders are waiting for a specific USD benchmark. I understand that part of that feeling comes from wanting dogecoin to be as useful and respected as a traditional currency. But, what it mostly looks like is your sell point.

Too many dogecoin holders have it in the back of their head: if it hits X, I’ll be USD rich. Why not dogecoin rich? I thought you believed in dogecoin, not USD. Experienced traders and investors recognize that culture and act accordingly.

Dogecoin will only succeed when people want to have and spend dogecoin. Not when you could potentially sell it for 1M USD.

No more dogecoin to the moon. Dogecoin IS the moon.

Thank you for your time.

What do you think?

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