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Hi Everyone!

I am not sure, if this is the right place to ask, I found this subreddit today. After reading the rules I think this fits, but I am not sure, if I’m wrong, I apologize for the inappropiate post.

I am interested in mining ETH and the decentralized technology of blockchain, so we can say I am both excited about the technology and making (a little) money with it. In the last few days I watched a ton of videos and read a vast array of articles. But I am a bit confused and I have some questions.

I heard and read about Ethereum 2.0, if I understood it, it means changing from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. What do these two terms mean? Does this mean after the ,,upgrad” mining won’t be possible? Is it known, how will this change affect the value of Ether?

I tried to download Claymore’s miner (from the link in this post: [](, to test, how much can my gaming laptop mine. But it didn’t even finish, Chrome warned that it is suspicious. After agreeing to download it even with this, Avast (free) pointed that it could contain malicious software. Is that the official place? Or would you recommend another miner to start with?

My last question is that is it worth, to invest a small amount of my pocket money into ETH? I found out that CoinCash has BTC and ETH atm’s near me. Are those safe to use?


Huge thanks for your help in advance!

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  1. More than likely, you would make less from mining than the cost of electricity using a gaming PC. Would also not recommend using an ATM unless it’s your last choice. They’re safe to use, but you’ll likely be acquiring the BTC / ETH at a huge premium.

  2. Did you see the “incubation” platform on the crypto market? Nobody wants to change the market by helping other fresh projects growing! That’s why I’ve been supporting DuckDuo this year

  3. It seems that nowadays we have all opportunities for the new market building. We just have to build more projects like DuckDuo and help young projects get the top places in the crypto sphere

Hi guys ! I’m from 2060, the time has come !

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