A message to those who hope SafeMoon doesn’t realize its potential:

We see you, downvoting positive posts and spreading concern trolling FUD on this sub; and we know you have staked out an emotional position that requires you to NEED to believe SFM is a scam despite the evidence before you. We know you are committed to this belief, and we also know your arguments are thin and growing thinner by the day.

What I want you to know is: our dev team is fed by your doubts and will continue to work at an unprecedented pace to prove you wrong.

We are not so much interested in converting the hardcore disbelievers as we are in breaking them on the rocky shoals of the reality that SFM is, indeed, the way. For the mildly informed disbelievers, we will welcome you after a couple more zeros have been killed.

So, in sum: we already know our destiny and your’s. We will remember you when we get to the moon, safely.

What do you think?

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  2. Some of us were already investors before entering the crypto space.

    I was used to seeing people down ramping stock in order to be able to buy them cheap or simply to short them. When I got into safemoon I couldn’t understand why people bother posting negative stuff about it.

    The main utility of this currency is the passive income and the reward for holds aka reflections.

    There is definitely an advantage to push the price slightly down if you want to accumulate but, removing the traders from the equation I can’t understand the point of critique such a good project.

    Buy and HODL.

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