A new EPOCH is upon us! Delegate to the MELD ISPO now to earn +15% more $MELD! Get your Steel Hands Bonus and Reap the Rewards: 1000 ADA = 1869 MELD if staked until Dec 8th.


NEW — MELD ISPO Reward Schema



Here’s the guideline.

**Early delegators**

We have a small bonus for early delegators who were delegating ADA pre-ISPO (Before July 1st UTC) for their faithful support towards the MELD protocol.

There was a max of 3 EPOCHS users have delegated prior to the ISPO commencing. These users will receive MELD / ADA / EPOCH = 0.068 MELD rewards for the EPOCHS they delegated for:

**Long-term Delegators**

These will earn up to 25% MORE MELD. This means the longer you delegate, the more MELD you will earn at the end of the ISPO!


We track delegation cross-pools so you can delegate to multiple MELD pools over the course of the ISPO and all your delegated EPOCHS to the MELD pools will be captured and added together to determine which specific hands you have!

**Base reward**

0.065 MELD / ADA / EPOCH

**Diamond Hands (+25%)**


**Steel Hands (+15%)**

20–29 EPOCHS

**Iron Hands (+8%)**

10–19 EPOCHS

**Copper Hands (+0%)**


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