A real life example that showed me why Monero is important for everyone

This happened to me a little while ago.

I went to my bank (major bank in my country) because of some unknown transactions in my account. I sat down with a guy and we looked at my transactions history, etc.. and the issue was resolved in a few minutes. As I was about to leave, we had this exchange (T is the teller guy; Bar X is a bar in my city where I had been only once a few days before):

**Me:** Alright, thanks for your help. Have a good day.

**T:** No problem, come again if you have any issues in the future. By the way, how was the beer at Bar X?

**Me:** Excuse me? What do you mean? (I didn’t remember being at that place, I didn’t even remember the name of the bar)

**T:** Oh, I saw you went to Bar X from your purchases, and I go there often. They have a great selection of craft beer, don’t they?

**Me:** Ah, sure yeah. I only went once by yeah.. it was good.

**T:** Great. Well, have a good day. Bye.


I didn’t really know how to feel about this exchange afterwards. On one hand I understand that the guy meant no harm and was just trying to be friendly. But on the other hand I felt it was extremely unprofessional of him to bring up something that was within my personal bank transactions. It made me feel “naked”, if you know what I mean. And sure, I know that bankers can go through individual transactions all day long because it is part of their job. But being confronted directly in person about that was different.

This was obviously of no consequence for me, a very innocent exchange. Now just imagine if I had bought something questionable, or I had been to some place that wanted to keep private. It could have had serious implications for someone else in another country.

This episode really cemented my belief that Monero is absolutely necessary, as we transition to a global digital currency.

What do you think?

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  1. Thank you for sharing. It truly is unsettling that banks can see and use this data. I mean, it is like that by default and everybody knows that but when it starts to have a face and a human language, then one truly starts to appreciate privacy more.

  2. Same happened to me (I live in Germany). I had to choose a new account as my student free account was expiring.

    As this lady is trying to “sell” me all different options I can choose from, she then looks at her screen and says:

    – “Oh I see you pay XX€ amount for your rent, so I suggest you go with this option, since you don’t have big spendings”.

    It felt very intrusive and uncomfortable to know that they can just casually look at all of your transactions.

  3. Oh man, I think he tried to be nice and a bit patronize you coz he thought that you weren’t happy with what happened. Despite, as you said, it is known that bank see your transaction but oh bay keep it at the bay. You never remind customer that, it is very unprofessional. What if you are a woman and there are couple transactions for sex product. I feel like you should’ve remind it to him but I understand that the situation was really awkward.

  4. Another real-life example: a guy in my area won a few millions at a lottery. People got wind of it when the prize was deposited in his bank account and a bank employee leaked the information.

  5. We grew up in a small town up north. Eons ago when I was little our local bank president would frequent an old watering hole with a relative of mine. He would get too chatty after a few and would talk about the safety deposit boxes and the contents of some of them. To this day I dismantle my backup drives before I put them in our box so they at least have to work for it if they want to see our confidential docs. Yikes.

  6. Millions of people all over the world…. are buying niche porn… with credit cards.

    “LOL hey Bob, check it out, this guy’s into mongolian midgets with massive mammaries!”

  7. The saddest part of this is that we all underestimate how personal privacy is strictly correlated to financial one. And because of this, banks have been acquired a huge power over anyone who doesn’t know how to liaise with them in a self protecting way. Imagine the guy was a professional and had connections with gangs, he finds out you have a fair amount of crypto, he kidnaps you through the gangs, then gets a percentage, done. He’s off the books doesn’t even have to show his face all done remotely via Tails / ciphr phones. This scares me the most. People are accruing wealth on crypto and that puts their lives at risk in a way. In the future this will be more and more common, sadly. Crypto is amazing I’ve been there since years now and I’m lucky, but on the other hand it is quite dangerous to tell anyone that you have crypto at hands.

  8. >I didn’t really know how to feel about this exchange afterwards.

    Next time, use bills if you use fiat, and not your card. On my fiat card, they would only see i do groceries 🙂 In bars, or amusement places, I ve only used paper bills. Monero, will do the job of paper bills in our future, it will be invisible.

  9. I think this is something a lot of people will realise when cryptocurrency becomes more and more adopted into our everyday commerce, I couldn’t imagine the possible implications of sending money over an open blockchain. what if you buy something from someone in-person with eth or bitcoin, and they probe your address figuring out exactly how much money you have, possibly making you a target.

  10. Late to the post but this reminds me of times when I have to call my bank for credit card related concerns, and they often ask you about certain transactions you made to verify it’s really you making a call.

    And how do they verify? I’m pretty sure they can pull up a list of all your transactions. It does make you feel naked.

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