A story of 4 friends, and the one who just quit their job to retire..

About 4 months ago while at a work function, a friend of a friend was talking about a crypto he had just invested in. He bought 30,000,000 tokens at .00005 and it had just jumped to .0005. He was super excited and told myself and 2 other friends about it. I was convinced it was going to flop again and never thought about it again.

The 2 others in the group bought that token the following days. 1 bought a few hundred bucks worth, and 1 bought $20 worth.

Fast forward to this morning, when my friend told me to go say goodbye to my friend of a friend, it’s his last day at work.

Curious, I asked how come, to which he told me, he just cashed out of his token, which is now worth 15 cents. This dude’s been making 45k a year for the last 10 years, as we all worked together, and just cashed out at 29 with $4+ million.

My friends made $22,000 and the guy who put in $20 has enough to pay of his car.

Meanwhile, I have to get up early and go to work tomorrow. Don’t be like me. If you have faith, don’t let others sway you. I’m sure glad this dude didn’t listen to my sarcastic comment about the token being worthless.

(I am purposefully not naming this particular token as to not draw comparisons. Just simply illustrating how quickly the unexpected can happen.)

What do you think?

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  1. I’m still diamond handing my nearly 10 year old Tesla stock. People need to listen to you because the mainstream media FUD, mainstream Wall St. FUD, and average Joe and social media boy FUD is very real. If people listen to that shit they will literally miss out on millions to tens of millions of dollars of opportunity, possibly even more depending on your investment amount.

  2. Pardon my english,

    When I read your story , I feel like I am that one guy who buy 30M Tokens. I told my friends to buy some Safemoon , but none of them are interested in crypto in general (mainstream media, FUD, etc). They prefer spending there money in alcohol, weed and UberEats. The difference maybe is that I am 2x a dad.

    I feel that in a few month/year, they will be like you , wishing that they listen their friend sooner ! 😊

  3. This is something I needed to hear, didn’t plan on selling anytime soon but just getting on Reddit and seeing all these different stories just keeps me motivated and that I still have a real future of true freedom. I hope you learned from your mistakes, and thank you for sharing this story to help others

  4. For every one story of some guy buying some shitcoin and hitting it, there’s 1000 stories of people buying in during the dump and losing.
    Just do your due diligence, you can make money on some of these shitcoins but more likely you’re going to lose. 9 out of 10 times by the time it’s up for sale the dump has already started.

    SafeMoon is the only token worth owning. I own a couple of others but they’re not even worth the gas fees to sell them.
    If you want to diversify buy some coins that are more stable like Bitcoin or ETH or anything that’s been around awhile and proven.

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  6. They call that a $HEX my friend! Don’t be ashamed of your comment many have done the same. If you still have a PULSE left in you then you can still be like your 3 friends! 5555, Have no expectations of profits from the works of others!
    Much love from the HEART ❤💙💜

  7. I assume you’re talking about cum rocket (never invested in it). If something that has as little utility as that can create millionaires it’s only inevitable for safemoon to do the same once it’s use cases come into fruition


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