AAX exchange will be next huge thing!

Im holding AAB, bcs benefits what i get are amazing thanks for the AAX exchange👌Like high savings rates, campaings where you can buy coin/token 50% off and cheapest traiding fees🥇💎+AAB is so undervalued so im always buying more when i get money. Now 19.7 there will be campaing where you can buy SOL 50% cheaper im gonna buy it with max amount (400$)🍒 if you or any1 who read this want to start using AAX exchange i will give you referral link where you get 50$ dollar free money when you have traiding vol 500$ and if you just join with out ref link you still get 110$ future traiding bonus

Referral link include awesome bonus💎

How to participate:
👉 Register an AAX account and complete KYC 1
👉 Become an AAX VIP or hold 1000 AAB to enjoy higher discounts of up to 50%.
👉 Buy SOL on AAX Spot
👉 Results announcement

🗓 Discount period:
From: 19 July, 2021, 10AM (UTC)
To: 22 July, 2021, 10AM (UTC)

Every 24 hours, the first 1,000 clients will be eligible to enjoy the discount. Total 3,000 quotas. Join the campaign now!

For more information check out the link below.

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